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Wuhan Tam Tam - 28inch

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Also known as tam-tams, chao gongs produce the classic Chinese sound with a low initial fundamental followed by a majestic ‘bloom’ of complex overtones. The black dot in the centre within the black circle around the gong's outer edge represents an ideogram found in many cultures - generally relating to the sun or the origin of all things. This ideogram is also found inside singing bowls and sometimes around the bowl's edge.

Tam-tams have been featured in compositions by Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Shostakovitch, Messiaen and Stockhausen - to name a few. Musical evocations of death, grandeur and the voice of god attest to the attraction these instruments have had and still have to the greatest Western composers of the last few hundred years. Though their original uses remain obscure, there is no doubting their power and their potential for mind and body transformation.

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