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Studio 49 Orff Keyboard Set 1R

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All Studio 49 Orff keyboards are 100 % Made in Germany. Decades of long term experience in designing instruments as well as permanent advancement and research, innovative ways of building and the use of exclusively best materials guarantee a lifelong delight while playing. The manual skills and the materials used are the foundation for your high-class instrument since the very beginning in 1949.

Studio 49's Premium 2000 series Orff keyboard instruments provide superb sound and durability. Their hand-selected and expertly cured Honduras Rosewood is used in the legendary 2000 series. This produces the original warm earthy sound with strong lower harmonics.
They also offer new Grillodur bars. Grillodur bars are made from a highly refined fibreglass material that gives an excellent xylophone sound, with slightly more resonance than even the best wood. Ideal for use in difficult temperature or humidity conditions.
Studio 49's special aluminium allow produces the best metallophone sound we have heard, and their suspension design creates just the right amount of resonance length. An adjustable sliding rail on the bass gives even more resonance control.

2 x Studio 49 2000 series Soprano 1.6 oct Xylophone Rosewood
2 x Studio 49 2000 series Alto 1.6 oct Xylophone Rosewood
1 x Studio 49 2000 series Bass 1.6 oct Xylophone Rosewood
1 x Studio 49 2000 series Alto 1.6 oct Metallophone
1 FREE Studio 49 2000 series Soprano 1.6 oct Metallophone, VALUED $669.00

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