If, due to unforeseen circumstances, an adjudicator is unable to perform his or her duties, we reserve the right to appoint a substitute without notice.



 Our sponsors have generously donated instrument, mallet or  sheet  music prizes which will be awarded for ensemble sections.  Trophies, certificates and adjudicator reports will be given for all sections.



Electric or Acoustic Bass may be used for ensemble events if the score requires. No other non-percussion instruments (including Piano) are permitted.



ACCOMPANTIST: An official accompanist will not be provided during the Eisteddfod however we are happy to assist you if your repertoire requires accompaniment. Please call for telephone numbers. Recorded accompaniments may be used in solo sections. Please advise if a portable sound system is required.



TIME LIMITS / SET UP TIMES for Large Ensemble sections - new rules

Ensembles for the Primary section will have a stage time maximum of 13 minutes with a maximum of 8 minutes of music performance time.

Ensembles for the Jnr and Snr High Sections will have a stage time maximum of 15 minutes with a maximum of 10 minutes of music performance time.

This allows for the set up, the change between pieces and the pack down to take no more than 5 minutes total.


The music will be timed and a bell  will be rung once the music time limit is reached. Should two works be performed the timer will be paused at the end of the first piece and restarted at the beginning of the second piece.  We ask that conductors stop the performance at the end of the phrase once the bell has rung. Please check your time limits. We ask that conductors prepare whatever changes that are necessary to the score to ensure that stopping performances is not required.


We strongly recommend organising your set up so that movement between pieces is smooth and requires an absolute minimum of instrument movement. Setting up for both pieces at the start of the performance is highly recommended. Timpani and large keyboards should not be moved between pieces. Please encourage students to be responsible for their set ups, music and mallets. Sets ups and movement between pieces must be practiced and this essential aspect of percussion performance.


Detailed set up diagrams must be provided and we will have staff on hand to assist in the initial set up for each group. Your cooperation with the above is appreciated and will enable us to keep this exciting and logistically challenging event running smoothly and on time.




All ensembles will be given a scheduled performance time within their section. Please indicate any time preferences or constraints on your entry form ( plane flights etc ) that may affect this performance order.  The performance order that appears in the programme will not be altered on the day. Our experience has shown that despite out best efforts to assist people on the day of performance that helping one group may be detrimental to another.


All damage to instruments will be paid for by the competitor or school involved. This includes unreasonable damage to drum and timpani heads and broken marimba bars caused by excessive volumes. Please note that damage to heads has occurred in the past so please discuss correct techniques with your students in the forte / fortissimo sections of your music and remind them that the instruments are kindly being borrowed for this event.