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Optimum Hand Percussion Set for 30

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Selected by Allan Watson to provide a good balance of colourful percussion instruments & sounds for 30 players!

Set Includes:
4 x Nino ABS tambours (6/8/10/12")*
2 x 8" Nino headless tambourines
4 x Nino egg shakers*
2 x pairs Optimum finger cymbals
1 x pair Nino maracas*
2 x two-tone woodblocks w/beaters
1 x cabasa
2 x Nino guiros w/scrapers
4 x pairs Rohema coloured claves*
3 x pairs wood castanets
1 x Optimum classroom woodblock w/beater
1 x Remo small cylinder shaker*
1 x Nino agogo bells w/beater
1 x Optimum aux percussion case (sturdy, zippered, movable compartments)

*Colours may vary from picture.

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