Black Belt Ukulele Teacher Multimedia Software (1 Device)

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Black Belt Ukulele Teacher Multimedia Software (1 Device): pk1
Composer: Welcome to Music

Black Belt Ukulele Teachers Book 1 - Welcome To Music Edition
All the teacher’s notes, worksheets, interactive activities, student tracker, free student version of all interactive activities and more are here in this multimedia book you can access any where on any device. Perfect for data projector, interactive whiteboard, PC, MAC, iPad, Android and more.
Pass the Sound Around - SongTorch Multimedia File
Sitting in a circle with ukes on laps facing down (resting position) – pass a short uke sound around on the beat. This could be a tap/scratch/knock etc. Whoever makes the sound on the final beat of the song improvises sounds on the uke and everyone echoes. These sounds can include – tapping/knocking/scratching patterns, strumming, picking etc.
Left Fret Hand Finger Play - SongTorch Multimedia File
Activate each finger in turn on the left hand as you say or sing the song
Stand opposite a partner and connect each finger together as you say or sing
Start with one hand, the other hand, both hands then cross over hands.
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