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Body Electric book & CD: each
Composer: Burrows Mark

Grades 2-6 * "The Body Electric" celebrates the music inside us while exploring ways to express this music using the greatest instruments of all--our bodies. Part handy reference, part idea-generator, this collection is all fun as it introduces a self-contained instrumentarium that is convenient, inexpensive, physical, adaptable, self-affirming, educational, and, most of all, fun. An overview of and targeted examples for a variety of body, vocal and mouth sounds are included within the first two sections; great to teach the basics and to help student internalize rhythmic concepts. The last section includes songs that employ various combinations of all the introduced sounds. Reproducible student parts are included, as is a CD with helpful performance models of the sounds and pieces. Page Number Title Composer 8 Making Rain 8 Pat-a cake 9 Palmas 11 Body Percussion Solos 12 Body Percussion - West African 16 Lip Pops and Tongue Clicks 16 Sing Whistle and Hum - Melody Matters 17 Making Popcorn 18 Alpha-beats 19 Alpha-beat Soup 21 Beatbox Solos 21 Group Beatbox 22 Poetry Slam - How Doth the Little Crocodile 24 Imitation Fascination 24 Sound Machine 27 Barnyard Bash 30 Salutation Samba 32 Planet Jam 34 Body Percussion - Cuban 36 I Hear America Singing 39 The Body Electric 44 A Picture Paints a Thousand Words 45 Classic Poems for Younger Children 46 Classic Poems for Older Children
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