Lefima 18x14 Ultralight Bass Drum White

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Lefima 18x14 Ultralight Bass Drum White: each

Legendary past ten years – the ultra-light drums from Lefima Lefima started the beginning of the 21st century with their ultra-light drums, a line of various drum types which set completely new benchmarks in the field of marching percussion. The use of alternative materials and a unique lug technology made possible a new generation of marching drums with such low weight that this was honored in the Guinnessbook of the Records! Because of the reduced mass attached to the shell, these instruments gain tremendous power that predestines these drums for playing outside. With a marching bass drum every single gram counts! Not wishing to remain on our laurels we have now made our ultra-light classics even lighter! Easy on your back and really fun to play, these drums are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The ultra-light lugs combine highest operational standard concerning robustness and extremely low self-weight. In the design of the ultra-light lugs two things stood in the fore: sturdiness and low self-weight. The used aircraft aluminium has these amenities. The reduced mass leads to an extremely low weight and the shell can vibrate freely. The result is a back-friendly drum with exceptional volume and a great projection outside.
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