Malletech 5.0 Stiletto Marimba Hgt. Adj.

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Malletech 5.0 Stiletto Marimba Hgt. Adj.: each

Malletech 5.0 Stiletto Marimba Hgt. Adj.: each

Malletech have recently upgraded their Stiletto keyboard geometry and increased the bass resonator diameters without increasing the size of the low octave reaches. More powerful, cleaner bass, less non-harmonic overtones and shorter reaches to the far side of the sharps for stick clicks on pieces such as “Rhythmic Caprice”. The Stiletto2 has the same solid frame, height adjustment, 6-section drop-in resonator system and tunable tubes like an Imperial or Roadster, but is smaller, lighter, and less expensive.


  • Model: MSA5.0
  • Range: 5 Octaves, C-C
  • Bars: Graduated Rosewood - 1-5/8" to 3" Wide
  • Height: 33" to top of naturals, 34-1/2" overall; adjustable up to 8" higher
  • Width: 43" low end, 16" high end Length - 100-1/4";
  • Weight: Aproximately 230 pounds
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