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Note Knacks Teacher Set: each

Note Knacks are a great addition to any classroom because any child can explore sound in a whole new way! Note Knacks are an interactive, hands-on teaching tool that allows children to create their own compositions as early as preschool. Children draw their music on paper, perform their composition and have a visual, self-created manuscript that they can sing or play as often as they wish. Combine your student’s work to create a whole class composition! Note Knacks are specially proportioned blocks with display a musical note on one side and its corresponding rest on the back. The blocks are colour-coded, so when you say the colour, you say the rhythm: semibreve = grey [gre-e-e-ay] minim = blue [blu-ue] crotchet = red [re-ed] quaver = yellow [yel-low] semiquavers = terracotta [ter-ra-co-tta] Note Knacks fit into three time signature frames. Use Note Knacks to show how two minims equal the length of a semibreve, how two crotchets equal the length of a minim, etc. Teacher set includes 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 time signature frames, 31 note tiles and 25 lesson plans on CD. Explains notes and rests simutaneously through tactile and kinesthetic learning. Ideal for Pre-K - 2.

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