Pearl Competitor 8, 10, 12, 13" Quad toms

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Pearl Competitor 8, 10, 12, 13" Quad toms: set

Designed for even greater sound, the CMT Competitor tenors offer extreme vale and performance. 8 ply Mahogany shells feature a rounded bearing edge for fill-bodied tone. Pearl's sonic cut on the shell bottoms project that big sound right to your audience. The lightweight zinc lugs casings provide precise even tuning by keeping those super rigid steel hoops firmly planted to the shell. The bottoms of the shell are protected by rubber TOM Trim and lightweight aluminum Tom spacers keep positioning perfect. 8 PLY MAHOGANY SHELL Shells offer strength, value and enhanced presence ROUNDED BEARING EDGES Eliminates unwanted overtones for superior clarity SONIC CUT SHELLS Maximizes resonance, focus and clarity DIE-CAST ZINC TENSION LUGS Die-cast lugs are designed for years of heavy duty use 1.6MM STEEL HOOPS Offers strength and durability, and even head tension 40MM SPACERS Keeps the spacing of the toms to a minimum for easier cross play and balanced weight distribution LIGHTWEIGHT Reduced weight makes this drum suitable for all age groups AVAILABLE IN #33 PURE WHITE AND #46 MIDNIGHT BLACK COVERING A durable finish to compliment any uniform

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