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Printable Music Games CD-ROM: each
Composer: Tuck Kevin & Janice

Attention: Music Teachers and Instrument Tutors … "How To Motivate Your Students To Practice … Even A Young, Stubborn And Badly Behaved Child … Into An Inspired Student Who Practices Their Music Daily – Starting With Your Next Lesson!" - Janice Tuck – Music Teacher This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s amazingly effective. You can inspire your youngest students to get excited about practicing their instruments, and even cut your lesson preparation time in half, once you know the shortcut … Printable Music Games 20 Games with hundreds of variations for music lessons. Here is what you get … Pitch Games: Musical Memory Match Many Different Pitch Cards to match Flash Match Children Match manuscript cards to keyboard positions Treasure Island Learn the C major scale and interval relationships with this one. Great for a small group “reward” at the end of a class. Musical Snap Children have to watch very carefully in this one, as the pitch and rhythm has to match! Pitch Bingo The Classroom teachers friend! – This one has over 50 unique “bingo strips” that can be printed out for the whole class Scale Ladders Children learn the technical names of the degrees of the scalePrintable Music Games Rhythm Game Example Rhythm Games: Musical Go Fish Learn your terminology of the rhythm symbols with this one! Notes to Riches Learn the beat-values of the various notes in rhythm Musical tic-tac-toe A Strategy game designed to increase child’s retention of musical symbols Rhythm Number Match & Rhythm Spin Adding up beat values has never been so much fun with these games! Stop its wrong! Learn the important musical notation concepts of Stem Direction with this fun game Printable Music Games Instrument Game Instrument Games: Instrument Detective The “Who am I” of Musical Instruments! Great fun for the whole class, as one student reads a clue and the others have to guess which instrument they are talking about! The Amazing Musical Instrument Race Children will love working out what instrument matches the clue from the game board
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