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Printable Music Lessons: Great Composers: each
Composer: Tuck Kevin & Janice

When we started to write this module we had to find a way to get children to relate to composers that lived 300 years ago. We live in a fast paced world, where many students of today haven’t even used CD’s, let alone records or tapes! How do they relate to a world where there wasn’t even that? There was no way of recording music in Mozart’s time other than a pen and a sheet of paper! We had to find a way to make these composers seem relevant, and we didn’t want fact sheets and lessons full of the normal boring information For instance : “Do you know which composer had his body dug up by two well respected scientists and his head removed in 1809 to see if genius was related to head size”? “Do you know which composer was once arrested for tampering with the American National anthem”? “Do you know which composer has a recording of his music floating in outer space”? By starting our fact sheets with interesting facts, and including “fun facts” about each composer we have hopefully made the subject a little more accessible to the students of today. In order to do this massive undertaking we started with a short list of 50 writers who wanted to contribute, then we chose just five to create one lesson for us, and finally we chose one very talented writer to bring it all together. We then let her take her time to create the fact and fun sheets – in fact this project has been in development for almost a year! Choosing fifteen composers to profile in this project was a difficult task, but we chose them to represent a cross section of eras and musical styles from Baroque through to the 20th Century. You can of course use these lessons in any order, or pick and choose ones that suit your classes. Lesson One Johann Sebastian Bach Lesson Two George Frederick Handel Lesson Three Antonio Vivaldi Lesson Four Joseph Haydn Lesson Five Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lesson Six Ludwig Van Beethoven Lesson Seven Frederic Chopin Lesson 8 Richard Wagner Lesson 9 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Lesson 10 Claude Debussy Lesson 11 Ralph Vaughan WIlliams Lesson 12 Arnold Schoenberg Lesson 13 Igor Stravinksy Lesson 14 George Gershwin Lesson 15 Aaron Copland Choose between full fact sheets and “fill in the blanks” versions Increase students retention by making the lesson more interactive Every fact sheet in the series has two available versions – one with selected important words in highlighted text, and one with selected important words left as an answer blank. In the class you can fill in the answer blanks – helping students to retain the important information as you go through the content as a class. Bonus Lesson Content Bonus #2 – Prepared Powerpoint Presentations Bonus #3 – Online Resources Area Bonus #4 - Completion Assessments Frequently asked Questions: How long does each lesson last? Each lesson contains the fact sheets plus worksheets, plus lesson planning ideas – you can take the lessons as slow or fast as you wish, and choose lesson ideas to include or not. You could easily stretch out the material over two or three lessons per composer if you wished. What level is this for? This is designed for Junior high school level (Ages 12-14), but it can easily be adapted to suit other age groups. This could even be used in an adult music appreciation class to learn about each of the composers. Do students need any prior knowledge? We have tried to make these worksheets as straight forward as possible – with no prior knowledge assumed. A module glossary is included How easy is it to print out and prepare? You can print out each lesson one at a time if you wish, or we also have the student workbook ready to print for all 15 lessons. Just print out and bind them up and away you go! How much is it? Printable Music Lesson Plans Modules are $39.95 USDAUD per module. This includes all 15 lessons, all the printable bonuses and powerpoint presentations. What are the terms of the printing license? We will let you know the legal stuff of course, but the long and the short of it is that you have the right to print out as much as you need for your teaching. The only restriction is that you can’t re-sell or share the license with anyone else. It’s just common sense really!
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