Printable Music Lessons: History of Rock n Roll!

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Printable Music Lessons: History of Rock n Roll!: each
Composer: Tuck Kevin & Janice

If you are teaching this important subject in schools, in this resource you’ll find everything you need to get started with this subject…. even if you HATE Rock Music! One of the most difficult parts of teaching this subject is the hours and hours of research that goes into it. You really do have to know everything about these bands, as the students will often know a lot about them, and you need to be “one step ahead.” With this module we’ve already done lots of the research for you, so you can just have a quick read, then walk into the classroom. This module features fifteen lessons starting with looking at fifties Rock and Roll, with Bill Haley and the Comets, Chuck Berry and Elvis. We’ve balanced the course so that it doesn’t stay on these “old guys” for very long, it pretty quickly moves through and looks at all the different milestones and musical styles that make up Rock and Pop music today. Teaching this course really gives an overview of Rock Music Styles from the 1950’s to today, so it is essential for those who are doing a Rock based curriculum, and also those who are doing a more general course. Here is the breakdown of the fifteen lessons: Lesson One: How Did Rock and Roll Begind? Lesson Two: King of Rock and Roll Lesson Three: The Day the Music Died Lesson Four: The British Invasion Lesson Five: Soul Music Lesson Six: Surf Music Lesson Seven: Woodstock Lesson Eight: Punk Music Lesson Nine: Disco Music Lesson Ten: Solo Artists Lesson Eleven: Hard Rock Lesson Twelve: Pop Music Lesson Thirteen: Grunge Lesson Fourteen: Dance Music Lesson Fifteen: One Hit Wonders Choose between complete Fact Sheets and “Fill in the Blanks” versions Every lesson contains two fact sheets – one that has all the information, and one where important facts have been left out, for students to complete during the lesson. You can choose whichever of these is most appropriate for your class. Bonus #1 - Extra Lesson Content Bonus #2 - Powerpoint Slides Ready to use Bonus #3 – Online Resources Area Bonus #4 - Completion Assessments Frequently asked Questions: How long does each lesson last? You can take your time over each lesson if you wish – stretching them out over two or three weeks, or you could cover all the material in one school lesson. Its completely up to you, as the materials are designed to be very flexible. What age group is this for? This module is designed for Junior high school level (Ages 12-14), but it can easily be used for other age levels. This module is a good general knowledge course for anyone wanting to know about the context and history of Rock and Roll. How easy is it to print out and prepare? You can print out just what you need for each lesson, or you can print out the entire student workbook at the start of the unit. How much is it? Printable Music Lesson Plans Modules are $39.95 per module. This includes all 15 lessons, all the printable bonuses and powerpoint presentations. What are the terms of the printing license? You have the right to print out as much as you need for your teaching. The only restriction is that you can’t re-sell or share the license with anyone else. It’s just common sense!
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