Printable Music Lessons: Jazz & Blues!

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Printable Music Lessons: Jazz & Blues!: each
Composer: Tuck Kevin & Janice

You know how it is. Your students think that anything other than ROCK music just isn’t cool. Many of them think that all music started with the Beatles and Elvis Presley, and that before that there wasn’t any music! Depending on your own musical development, you may love jazz or you may hate jazz. Music is such a diverse thing that one music teacher’s background may be totally different from anothers. One thing that is certain though, is that jazz and blues played an important part in the development of modern music from the late 1800’s through to today. Throughout the great depression and the war years jazz played a vital part in keeping the morale of people up, and provided the backdrop that allowed rock and roll to emerge in the 1950’s and 60’s. Wether you love it or hate it, exposing students to jazz and blues is a vital part of their musical education. Letting them know who jazz greats like Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald are, and what they did for the development of music will really help their overall musical development. In this module you’ll get 14 prepared lessons featuring a fact sheet, a fun style worksheet and lesson planning ideas. It doesn’t matter if you know a lot about jazz or nothing about jazz – This module will still give you what you need to teach it to a class of middle school/junior high or high school students. Here is the breakdown of the lessons: Lesson One Scott Joplin Lesson Two Duke Ellington Lesson Three Louis Armstrong Lesson Four Benny Goodman Lesson Five Count Basie Lesson Six Glenn Miller Lesson Seven Ella Fitzgerald Lesson Eight Billie Holiday Lesson Nine Sarah Vaughan Lesson Ten Dizzy Gillespie Lesson Eleven Charlie Parker Lesson Twelve Miles Davis Lesson Thirteen Herbie Hancock Lesson Fourteen B.B. King Choose between complete Fact Sheets and “Fill in the Blanks” versions Every lesson contains two fact sheets, and it is your choice on which you use. You can have the full fact sheet, with the complete story written on it for the students to read together; OR… You can have a “fill in the blanks” factsheet where students will have to fill in key points during the lesson. This is aligned perfectly with the included powerpoint presentations which are demonstrated below. Bonus #1 Extra Lesson Content Bonus #2 Powerpoint Slides Ready to use Bonus #3 – Online Resources Area Bonus #4 - Completion Assessments
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