The Bucket Book: A Junkyard Percussion Manual

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The Bucket Book: A Junkyard Percussion Manual: each

A Junkyard Percussion Manual By David Birrow Format: Book & Data CD The Bucket Book is a groundbreaking new resource for elementary and middle school general music classes. This inventive program is designed to help teachers and students discover the joy of creating music and the fun of using homemade or found instruments to do so. Fully reproducible, and including a Data CD with thirty MP3s of musical examples and a PDF of the book for projection and enhanced classroom learning, The Bucket Book curriculum teaches rhythm skills and percussion techniques using easy-to-teach lessons that do not require a percussion background. Detailed information, photos, and resources are provided to acquaint educators with percussion vocabulary and techniques. The activities will engage and delight your students as they explore different timbres and search for the next great sound or rhythm they can produce with their instruments. For teachers wishing to provide their students with a creative, high-quality music education, The Bucket Book is an outstanding resource! Recommended for grades 3-9. Introduction Chapter 1: The Instruments: Gathering Your Sounds 1. 5-Gallon Bucket 2. Shakers 3. Scratching Instruments 4. Steady Beat Instruments Chapter 2: The Technique: Playing and Teaching 1. Beginning Activities 2. Echo Activities 3. Technique Exercises 4. Sequencing 5. Troubleshooting Chapter 3: The Music: The Four Modes 1. Mode 1: One Bucket Groove 2. Mode 2: Unison 3. Mode 3: Group Groove 4. Mode 4: Movement Grooves Chapter 4: Lesson Planning: Putting It All Together 1. How to Design Lesson Plans 2. Bulleted Lesson Plans 3. Step-by-Step Lesson-Plan Sequence in Detail 4. More Curriculum Ideas About the Author and Acknowledgments CD Track List
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