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Tops in Pops: each
Composer: Davidson

Many teachers use mostly folk songs in their music classes. However, they may also want to use at least some familiar material which middle school students can perceive as being more closely related to contemporary times. The music in this collection has been chosen to address this need. Some songs in the ""popular"" category, of course, are - or are deliberately based on - earlier folk song styles. This collec-tion contains several favorites in this classification (Ashokan Farewell, Don't Fence Me In, The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Yellow Bird). Feel free to substitute available instruments in the same register for any instruments you may not have. Consider using violas and/or cellos for the bass lines (with or without doubling the written Orff bass instruments parts). Practice the parts first with body percussion, then with the melody, before transferring the rhythm patterns to instruments. If a recording of a song is available, be sure to have students listen and practice patting the patterns along with it (Of course, the original keys may make singing or playing along impossible). Have fun! Marilyn Copeland Davidson
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